Vacation rental management in Marbella

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Our vacation rental management services

The best support and top-notch technology from dedicated professionals.

Unlike other short-term rental management companies, we are fully committed to increasing your revenues while maintaining your property in pristine condition.
Our team evaluates the ideal target audience for your property and crafts a tailored marketing plan to ensure that your rental reaches as many potential guests as possible.
In addition to cleaning and stocking your rental, we also inspect your property to ensure that there’s no damage and take care of any necessary repairs.

Booking Management

Our team of experts can help boost your bookings and manage all interactions to ensure a great experience.

Payment Processing

We process and verify each payments to ensure that every transaction is safe for you as as well as your guests.

Property Maintenance

We have a team of specialists that conduct repairs and provide maintenance to keep your property in great condition.

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At LPM, we provide a full suite of property management services in Marbella, Malaga, and surrounding areas.

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