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About Us


We are committed to delivering quality to both the property owner and the guest. We understand that customer satisfaction is essential for cultivating lasting relationships

LPM Marbella - Dubai

Welcome to LPM, where hospitality meets professionalism in exclusive destinations such as Marbella, Dubai, and Paris. We are not just a rental company; our work and commitment revolve around excellence and transparency. Clear communication forms the foundation of our collaborations.

Your property is more than just space; it is an investment, a sanctuary. We understand that a property is more than just bricks and mortar; it is part of a story, and we enjoy sharing it with travelers. Our team of professionals takes care of each home with responsibility and passion to provide exceptional service.

Immerse yourself in the world of LPM and experience property management that not only safeguards your investment but also enhances its benefits.

Elena Castro

CEO and Founder

Meet Elena Castro, the visionary mind behind LPM. Coming from a luxury concierge background in the heart of Paris, her passion for tourism and commitment to customer satisfaction led to the founding of LPM, a vacation rental agency that blends property management with unforgettable experiences.

Elena’s primary focus is to understand the needs of property owners, ensuring the protection of their investments as if they were her own. Her relentless pursuit of perfection and commitment to offering properties with all amenities at fair prices have shaped the current identity of LPM.

Beyond her role as CEO, Elena enjoys family time, sunset walks on the beach, or unwinding at the gym. Her leadership extends beyond the conventional; she is a committed and pragmatic leader who embraces continuous learning and experimentation, always seeking the perfect combination to achieve the ideal balance.

Emilie Lindsay

Property Manager, Dubai

Meet Emilie, our Property Manager in Dubai, whose background in travel, personal assistance, and design adds a special touch to our property management services. With Emilie’s love for beautiful spaces and her experience in catering to people’s needs, she ensures that every property she manages is not just functional, but also stylish and inviting.

Outside of work, Emilie loves travelling, exploring vibrant neighborhoods and drawing inspiration from its architecture and culture. Her passion for design and attention to detail shine through in everything she does, making her a valuable member of our team.

Emilie’s unique blend of skills guarantees a seamless and enjoyable experience for both property owners and tenants. With Emilie on board, you can trust that your property is in capable hands. Emilie Lindsay: where travel, assistance, and design come together to elevate property management in Dubai.

Maria Jose Castro

Property Manager

Maria Jose plays a crucial role in our vacation rental agency. Her dedication and passion for work are reflected in her ability to effectively manage our property portfolio, ensuring impeccable organization and constant updates. What really sets Maria Jose apart is her meticulous monitoring of availability, closely coordinating with property owners to keep accurate information across all rental channels. Additionally, she is responsible for optimizing rates, strategically adjusting them to maximize profitability and occupancy, considering factors like season and local events.

But beyond her professional skills, Maria Jose brings a personal touch to her work. Her way of interacting with property owners is characterized by building solid and effective relationships, and she stands out for her ability to set and achieve goals.

And when she’s not immersed in her work, you’ll find Maria Jose dedicating her free time to sports or exploring the latest trends in fashion and decor. This balance between professional and personal life makes Maria Jose an integral and authentic part of our team.


Billing and Collections Manager

A tireless professional, Rocío Carrasco leads billing and collections with dedication. Her love for numbers and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure that everything is meticulously squared away. Consistent in her approach, Rocío strives to maintain accuracy and efficiency in every aspect of her work.

Moreover, she cultivates a close relationship with property owners, demonstrating constant availability to assist them with any queries or legal advice they may need. Her commitment is not limited to financial management but extends to providing comprehensive support to those she collaborates with.

In her free time, she immerses herself in books about real-life stories and biographies, finding inspiration in others’ experiences. When not exploring worlds through pages, she enjoys traveling with her family, creating memories that complement her passion for life and continuous learning.


Guest Relations Manager

Stefania leads the Guest Services team at LPM, ensuring that every stay is memorable. We always provide clear guidance and quick responses to resolve any queries or concerns that may arise before or during the trip.

In addition to her work, Stefania shares a passion for travel and personally understands guests’ expectations during their vacations. She firmly believes that our guests’ happiness is the foundation of our continuous success and growth.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing soccer and participating in improvisation. At LPM, we strive to provide exceptional service, offering unique experiences to our guests. Welcome to an unforgettable stay with us!