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Elevate Your Investment with Seamless Dubai Property Management

Experience property management redefined at LPM. Our commitment goes beyond just overseeing properties – we elevate ownership. From legal ease to seamless bookings and meticulous maintenance, we handle it all with finesse. Your property, our priority. Welcome to effortless ownership with LPM.
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Global Exposure

We internationally showcase your property on major platforms, ensuring effective promotion and global reach

total Control of Your Property, Anytime, Anywhere

Utilize a unified channel manager for a comprehensive overview of reservations in Dubai. Easily check your property’s calendar from any location, capturing insights into payments, guest count, and booking origins.

Dubai Property Management Services

Elevate your listing game with LPM’s expert creation and optimization. We turn every detail into an opportunity, ensuring your property shines on major platforms. Unlock more bookings and captivate your audience effortlessly with LPM.
Discover a new level of cleanliness and comfort with LPM’s expert touch. Our Cleaning Mastery transforms your space into an oasis of immaculate perfection. From spotless surfaces to freshly laundered linens, we redefine the art of hospitality.
LPM goes beyond property management – we’re your legal ally. With a commitment to expert advice and legal assurance, we guide you through every legal aspect. Your peace of mind, our top priority.
Confidence meets convenience with LPM’s Secure Payments. We handle contracts, payments, and deposits, ensuring every transaction is secure and worry-free. Your financial well-being, our commitment.
At LPM, we prioritize your guests’ convenience. Our seamless check-in experience allows them the flexibility to arrive at their convenience. With digital self-check-in provided, the process is swift, secure, and tailored to suit every guest’s schedule. Welcome to a hassle-free start to their stay with LPM.
Discover the art of property care with LPM’s Maintenance Mastery. We go beyond routine maintenance, conducting thorough post-reservation inspections to keep your property in optimal condition. Choose excellence, choose LPM.

How it works?

Connect with Us for Your Property Estimation
Discover the true value of your Dubai property with our expert estimation services
Legal Compliance by LPM
LPM ensures every legal requirement for listing your Dubai property is met, providing you with peace of mind
Professional Photography & Listings on Prime Portals
Elevate your property’s presence with professional photography, and we’ll showcase it on top-tier portals for maximum exposure
Sit Back and Watch Your Monthly Income Grow
Experience hassle-free income growth as we manage your property, bringing you steady returns each month

Ready to get started?

Discover Your Potential Earnings!

    The initial step in listing your property in Dubai involves applying for a holiday home license with Dubai Tourism. This crucial license is a prerequisite for hosting guests in the city.
    You’ll receive tenant payments in advance, prior to their check-in. Additionally, we invoice you monthly, guaranteeing a steady income flow for your Dubai property investment.
    LPM takes care of the entire guest reporting process on behalf of our clients. Our dedicated team ensures that all necessary information is submitted to DTSM, relieving property owners of this administrative responsibility.
    The cleaning costs are covered by the tenants—each tenant booking your property in Dubai pays a unique cleaning fee. Our dedicated cleaning team takes care of the cleaning process, ensuring the property is refreshed and ready for the next guest after the tenant’s departure. Additionally, we dedicate this time to inspect the property, ensuring that everything is in good condition and working properly.
    The annual fees for holiday homes in Dubai depend on the size and type of the property’s configuration. This is a rough estimation, and the actual fees can vary based on individual property characteristics. As a reference, it can range from approximately AED 370 for a one-bedroom property to around AED 1,270 for a four-bedroom property. These fees encompass various aspects, including DTCM permits and DETD charges.
    In the event of any damages, we handle the situation seamlessly. We always collect a deposit, and if damages occur, the cost of repairs will be deducted from the deposit. Our dedicated team takes care of finding the necessary professionals in Dubai for the repairs promptly. Rest assured, as the property owner, you will always be informed of any incidents, and we maintain transparent communication throughout the process.
    Absolutely, as a property owner, you have the flexibility to book your own property. Simply let us know the dates you have in mind, and we will ensure to block them on the calendar for you or your family. This way, you can enjoy your property whenever you need, subject to the availability around confirmed reservations.