Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

Users are responsible for ensuring the observance of the terms and conditions contained in this page. The sole use of the services of this site signifies agreement and acceptance of these terms and conditions and future changes prior to your stay in the apartment.

Please read carefully the conditions under which you book.


Minimum stay may vary depending on the accommodation and / or season (see the detailed description of each property).


Prices are always in Euros (€) and can vary depending on the season or special events, depending on each of the apartments. iloftmalaga.com reserves the right to change, at the same time updating the website.


Our automated system that calculates availability and prices allowing you to choose the apartment that interests you and make an immediate online booking it.

  1. Initial Payment: online booking chosen apartment, click on the button will have to make an initial payment online by credit card. If credit card is not valid for our system, one of our team will try to contact you by phone or mail address. If a credit card alternative is not given or it’s not possible to contact with the guest, the booking will be cancelled.
  1. Confirmation of booking: Once the deposit has been paid, the reservation is confirmed instantly and you will immediately receive an email with details of the reservation (reserve data, address, apartment, data, contact person, etc.)
  2. Remaining amount: the remainder or difference of the total stay will be paid using the same credit card.

Depending on the property that you want to book a 100% amount will be charged straight away, and we will send you a welcome message with details of the reservation.


Normal hours of entry to the apartments between 3PM to 9PM, but it can change depending on the property you book. Please read the description of the listing for more information.

Both times the input and output will be flexible and negotiable as long as no other reserves in the earlier or later dates.

The client must always inform the approximate arrival time. Warning is an essential condition for at least 1 day before arrival time, otherwise, no guarantee the time of entry.


Please note that for arrivals after 9PM there is an additional cost.

Upon arrival you must submit us the ID card or passport of the person who made the reservation.

Departures after 11AM without express permission from lpropertym.com, will involve the collection of a day.


Lpropertym.com reserves the right to require a security deposit, this amount varies according to each property, check these conditions in the detailed description of each property. The deposit will be returned on the condition that you leave the property in the same state in wich you found it. The deposit will be refunded 24h after the check out, providing the apartment inspection reveals no damage to either apartment or its contents. Lpropertym.com will charge 80€ euros for each set of keys not returned or lost.


The normal cost of electricity, gas and water produced during the stay shall be included in the rental price. The accommodations are cleaned before each entry in a client, and will be equipped with a set of sheets and towels per person.

The customer may request extra cleaning during the stay being less than 7 days. It would cost 15€/hour + IVA.

The day of departure, the client must leave the apartment in acceptable conditions of order and cleanliness.


Cancellations on 14 days time won’t be accepted, being charged the whole amount of the booking. Please check these conditions in the detailed description of each property.


If the client decides to change or modify the dates then input / output or the number of persons living in a reservation, lpropertym.com is committed to finding a satisfactory solution whenever possible. In the case of a request for a change of accommodation, the customer must cancel the reservation previously confirmed to benefit from the cancellation, and then make a new reservation.


If an accommodation can not be occupied by a duplication of reserves (overbooking) or unforeseen reasons not attributable to lpropertym.com, lpropertym.com as soon as possible contact with the customer and try to find an alternative, by providing alternative accommodation equal or superior characteristics. If that option is not possible, or you do not accept the changes or modifications will cancel the reservation will be returned immediately and all monies paid. Not be admissible subsequent claims for his part in these cases.


Any claims or complaints must be communicated immediately to lpropertym.com order to solve the problem. In the event that the claim can be adjudicated lpropertym.com clearly, this is committed to finding satisfactory solutions for clients. In case this is not possible, look for suitable accommodation lpropertym.com or more without any additional cost to the client.

Lpropertym.com shall in no way responsible for events outside the company or arising out of force majeure, such as:

– Noise caused by works close to the apartment.

– Short supply outside the housing.

– Damage to the elevator.

– Etc …

No complaints or claims will be accepted once the output, and therefore not be entitled to compensation or settlement.


The client agrees to respect the rules of the house and especially the hours of rest, not allowed to use the apartments for holiday celebrations (whether spontaneous parties, bachelor parties, etc …). In no case is permitted to occupy the apartment for more persons than those set at maximum capacity (except babies under 2 years). Customer also agrees to follow the instructions for use and maintenance as indicated by the company and respect the regulations in terms of noise, garbage collection, normal consumption of electricity, water, etc …

In case of any violation of the aforementioned obligations, lpropertym.com at its sole discretion the right to ask the client to leave the apartment and the customer is not entitled to any compensation.

Neither lpropertym.com nor the owner shall be liable for any direct or indirect that may arise as a result of the use of the apartment, including without limitation, damages, losses because of fires, robbery or criminal.


All descriptions and information is supplied by the apartments featured. While every effort is made to maintain accuracy and to check details wherever possible, lpropertym.com not responsible for any errors or comissions that may arise. Lpropertym.com also has the right to change at any tim information published on the website as prices, descriptions and photos. Lpropertym.com reserves the right to update any of its terms and conditions at any time if required, according to the company business.


Spanish legislation shall be applied in any matter, legal or otherwise, that involves our website or any website depending thereon. The competent authorities for resolving such disputes that arise from or related to the use of this website will be the courts and tribunals of Marbella, Spain, and, where necessary, the court of arbitration on consumer affairs or similar bodies to which we subscribe when such dispute arises. For the filing of claims related to the use of our services, please write to the e-mail or postal address given above. Where possible, the parties must seek an amicable solution in the first instance.